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This is the age of technology where you’ll be able to do anything with the utilization of technology. There was a time when it’s dream to shift house, building and temples from one place to a different . that point was when we haven’t the technology which gave use opportunity to shift the house, building and temple . The heavy weight of the house, building and temple is the main factor which wasn’t allow us to to shift it.

  • New Technology
  • Experienced Workers
  • More Weight Bearable Hydraulic Jacks
  • Shift Anywhere Your Temple


Now the technology is growth and that we skills to split the weight of the house building and temple to lift is with the assistance of mechanical or hydraulic jacks safely. After lifting with house, building or temple with jacks we can shift it to a different place too by using rails or wheels which are usually large trucks. Now with the utilization of the most recent technology we can shift heavy temple from one place to a different place with none damage.
Singh Building Lifting is well know company of India in temple lifting and that we are providing various kind of services